Tagged: The Animation Workshop


    A freshly graduated monster-slayer sets out on an epic journey to prove himself a hero. Unfortunately, his over-caring Grandma decides to join the adventure. Students: Corentin MONNIER, Ben OZERI


    An uninspired father is trapped between the walls trying to write a poem. More and more black crows fill up around him and his young daughter Mille. She is trying to discover her own creativity, but is affected by the crows. Students: Sara JESPERSEN HOLM


    Sally, une jeune fille de 15 ans introvertie, essaie de dompter son père loup qui s’est perdu dans la sauvagerie. Réalisation : Juliette VIGER

  • Tsunami

    Haru returns home after a tsunami. He will learn to accept his loss through a magical encounter. Students: Sofie Kampmark, ST Effen Christensen, Michelle From, Pernille Kolod Hansen, Jess Nicholls, Line Bering, Morten Jaeger

  • Perrot Away

    Luck finaly smiled at the dreadful parrot Pierre, when his master pirate discovered a little late the new mode. Students: Mads Weiner, Stine Andersen, Aske Nielsen, Gustaf Georg Lindstrom, Marion Strunck, Laura Andersen, Mie Pedersen, Anne Torp

  • Vagabond

    By looking for his dog, the big-hearted vagabond, Dio, discovers how the Society works. Students: Talia Bordallo, Pedro Ivo Carvalho, Christoffer Kramme, Maria Henriksen, Anne Sigismund, Hogni Mohr, Roland Seer, Simon Halberg

  • Unimagined Friends

    Carl is an unimagined friend who wants to be imagined, but no one else seems to understand just how great a friend he would be. Student: Sascha Altschuler

  • Interview

    A young man is interviewing for most important job of all time and doesn’t even know what the job is. Student: Mikkel Okholm

  • Odd Sound Out

    If sounds were visible, they would be small colourful critters! Among them, the little yellow sound makes one blunder after the other and is rejected by all. Students: Pernille Sihm, Ida Maria, Schouw Andreasen