2015 Schools




ARTFX – Montpellier, France

ArtFX is a reference in France for the teaching of the picture synthesis and animation 3D, and the single school in Europe forming with the digital special effects. Whatever the speciality chosen, the students have access to the whole of the professional effects placed at their disposal to acquire a total knowledge of the line production. The course proceeds in four years, punctuated of workshops regular with, in particular, the professionals from the post-production studios.




The animation school of the University Communication of China is one of the first schools in the Chinese higher education to commit in animation, digital medias arts, video games design and multimedia. Founding on the international reputation of the UCC the animation school highlight their technical skills. It move toward the research of cross-media, interdisciplinary, science and art immersion.



CHINA ACADEMY OF ART – Hangzhou, China

Located on the campus of Xiangshan, the department Media and animation of China Academy of Art is recognized by the ministry for the Diffusion and Television like one of the principal research centres and teaching in animation. Its program of cinematographic study is also regarded as one of most important by the government of the province of Zhejiang. Its teaching curriculums are related to all the branches of industry of the media, the press, on television, with the cinema and animation and the video games.



EMILE COHL – Lyon, France

The school Emile-Cohl is an artistic private establishment of higher education recognized by the State, specifically devoted from the first year to four fields: the computer graphics-multimedia, the illustration, the cartoon and the animation drawing. Founded in 1984 by Philippe Rivière with the participation of Roland Andrieu, the school is today an institution recognized by the professional world. Teaching is exempted by the best specialists in the sector, living fruit of their talent and their knowledg, and eager to transmit and show.



ESMA – Montpellier&Toulouse, France

The professional cycle Animation 3D & digital special Effects of the ESMA forms in three years of the creators intended to occupy of the stations to responsibility in the world for the digital image. The shorts carried out in third year confront the students with the problems and the challenges of a production. All the steps are approached there. Each year, is shorts are selected and preceded in the greatest national and international festivals.



GOBELINS – Paris, France

Precursor in animation, the school Gobelins acquired an international repute today and adapts unceasingly to the evolutions of the animation profession, whose competences must be adaptable to any type of animation. The quality of the works completed by the students of the Gobelins is often rewarded. The animations shorts are preceded each year in famous international festivals.




The school Georges Méliès, located in the castle Georges Méliès at Orly and created in 1999, form in four years with the trades of animation and the digital visual effects. The pedagogical team, made up of professionals resulting from the sectors from animation, the digital special effects and beaux arts, is based on the teaching of fundamental artistic (architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, literature, theatre and music).




Design Institute Hong Kong (HKDI) is engaged to provide an education of quality, to build the system of knowledge and training, to cultivate the talents of design for creative industries. The ministry for the Communication Design and DIGITAL Media is a creative faculty, equipped with high equipment, in order to provide a complete program to their students, in design of publicity, animation, cartoon, effects visual, creative supports, digital music, photography, and edition.



ISART DIGITAL – Paris, France

ISART DIGITAL, the school of the video game and animation 3D/FX, presents in Montreal, Paris and Niigata, offers a formations in alternation work-studies. The school is famous for its pedagogy original and innovating. The student projects gained more than 53 prizes (Unity Awards, Pixar Disney, Imagined Games Awards, Arte TV, SACD, TFOU…). The school proposes to its students the entreprenariat whose certain projects led to a marketing.




Jilin Institute Animation is the first school of professional animation in China. Single independent establishment and the only one to have a base of research in higher education. The school also has a database of the Industry of Animation. It is in that it is distinguished from the other schools. It is placed in the best with regard to the training of the trades of animation to China.



MOPA – Arles, France

Created in 1988 by Marie-Anne Fontenier in Valenciennes. Supinfocom opens a second school in 2000 in Arles on the site of old workshops SNCF. It is 3 hours of production 3D which leave the school each year, 80 films which are as many exercises for 195 students. To stimulate the creativity, to decompartmentalize competences by always new collaborations, to support collective work, remain the values which make the fame of the school of Arles.



SUPINFOCOM – Valenciennes, France

Created more than twenty years ago, with its pioneer spirit and its taste for the innovation and creation. Supinfocom forged a reputation for is universe of the formation for digital creation. Is shorts animation crossed the whole world and are projected in all the great international festivals. The school profits today recognition from the professional world and form each year the talents of tomorrow.




The Animation Workshop is a formation attached to VIA University College which profits from an excellent university network and professional both in Denmark and in the world. The formation has as an ambition to train the students with animation but also with the scenarisation and the commercial dimension of the trade. The pedagogical team is international, which makes it possible for the students to discover multiple approaches of animation 2D and 3D, cartoon, scenarisation, but also in the universe of the video games.