Panam Anim 2011




The Georges-Méliès school, located in the Georges-Méliès castle in Orly and founded in 1999, builds in four years to careers in animation cinema and digital visual effects. The teaching staff, made of professionals from the animation sector, digital special effects and fine arts, teaches the artistic fundations (architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, literature, theater and music).


ESMA – Toulouse and Montpellier, France

The professional cycle’ animated cinema in 3D & digital special effects’ builds in three years creative artists destined to occupy positions of responsibility in the world of digital image. Short films made in the third year confront students to the issues and challenges of production. All steps are discussed there, from script-writing to searching for sets and characters through cutting, storyboards, animatics, modeling, animation, rendering… Each year, its short films are nominated and awarded prizes at major national and international festivals.


SUPINFOCOM – Valenciennes and Arles, France

SUPINFOCOM was founded over twenty years ago. With their innovative designs and pioneering spirit, they have managed to set themselves apart in the field of digital arts education. Their animated short films transcend international barriers and are often exhibited in major film festivals across the globe. The school is widely recognized and highly respected in the animation industry. Year after year, they produce top-quality professionals who make positive contributions to the field. The school’s education system focuses on content, creating a space that nurtures creativity by providing students with an artistic foundation and a pedagogical approach that fosters curiosity.


GOBELINS – Paris, France

An early player in the animation world, the curriculum at Gobelins enjoys an enduring international reputation. Highly adaptable in the ever-evolving business of animation, the university elevates the animator’s skillset, making them competitive in a world where they are expected to handle all forms of animation techniques. The students at Gobelins are often recognized for their high quality of work. Every year, student animated short films are awarded at reputed international festivals.


ÉMILE-COHL – Lyon, France

Lyon’s Émile-Cohl, a State-recognized private arts institution of higher learning, devotes itself to four specific areas: graphic design, multimedia, illustration, comics, and animation drawing. Founded in 1984 by Philippe Rivière with the help of Roland Andrieu, the school is widely recognized within the industry. Courses are taught by leading industry experts who are eager to pass their knowledge and expertise onto young talents.