2016 Schools


2016 Schools



ARIES – Lyon, Toulouse, France

Fortified by 18 years of experience and a network of 4500 alumni throughout the world, ARIES established itself as a school of reference in animation films, 3D, digital arts and digital design. ARIES trains about 700 students in its schools in Lyon, Grenoble, Annecy, Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence and develops patnerships with famous animation studios and masterclasses with important filmmakers such as Michel Fuzellier or Bernard Deyries.


ARTFX – Montpellier, France

ArtFX is a reference school in France for CGI and 3D animation, and the only school in Europe training in digital special effects. Students have access, in any sections, to a professional equipment put at their disposal to acquire a global knowledge of the production line. The course lasts four years, punctuated by regular workshops with professionals from the post-production studios for instance.



Founded in 1937, in the heart of Lyon, Bellecour School trains the professionals of creative industries in the area of 3D animation but also the Video Game, design and digital. Bellecour provides with passion technical skills, both artistic and creative, from high school to specialized master degrees. Bellecour School, it is 1100 students gathered on 5000m2 converted as production studios where more than 150 professional teachers trains animation talents of tomorrow.


CHINA ACADEMY OF ART – Hangzhou, China

Located on the campus of Xiangshan, China Academy of Art’s department of Media and animation is recognized by the ministry for Diffusion and Television like one of the principal research and teaching centres in animation. Its program of cinematographic study is also regarded as one of the most important by the government of Zhejiang province. Its teaching curriculums are related to all branches of the media industry : press, television, cinema, animation and video games.


CUC Anima – Beijing, China

The animation school of the Communication University of China is one of the first schools in the Chinese higher education to commit in animation, digital media arts, video game design and multimedia. Founding on the international reputation of the UCC, the animation school highlights its technical skills. It moves toward the research of cross-media, interdisciplinary, science and art immersion.



The school Emile-Cohl is an artistic private establishment of higher education recognized by the State, specifically devoted from the first year to four fields: computer graphics, illustration, cartoon and animation drawing. Founded in 1984 by Philippe Rivière with the participation of Roland Andrieu, the school is today an institution recognized by the professional world. Teaching is dispensed by the best specialists in the sector, eager to transmit their knowledge.


ÉCOLE ESTIENNE – Paris, France

Dedicated to printing at first, Estienne School has now become a school for communication design and book trade. For more than 120 years, its continues to ally traditional and innovative savoir-faire. To train skilled professionals, printers, graphic designers or publishers, the school has the priority to provide teachers and students the very latest and performing technologies, from the introduction of linotype in 1905 to the 3D animation softwares today.



The school Georges Méliès, located in the castle Georges Méliès at Orly and created in 1999, trains in four years to the professions of animation and digital visual effects. The educational team, made up of professionals from the sectors of animation, digital special effects and fine arts, relies on the teaching of art fundamentals (architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, literature, theatre and music).


ECV – Bordeaux, Lille, France

ECV is above all the guarantee of an exceptional training to image professions and propose to its students 2 training courses : a training course in Design dedicated to graphic design and advertisement, and a training course in Animation, specialized in interactivity and 2D/3D animation. Thanks to the opening of those training courses, 15 years ago, ECV was one of the first French schools to meet the needs of new professions that came out with the digital revolution.


EMCA – Angoulême, France

The school of Angoulême’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EMCA was created in 1999. EMCA’s objective is to prepare its students to the exercice of animation professions. The school programme aims to bring its students to a perfect skill in digital and traditional tools specific to animation. Through short films direction, the school allow them to develop their sensitivity and creativity, supporting their own expression.


ENSAD – Paris, France

For almost 250 years, the National School of Decorative Arts trains and reveals unique talents. Thanks to its unique educational model, its large opening to the world and its outstanding center of research, it is now widely known in the international artistic, cultural and economical spheres. The excellency of its courses and its capacity to develop the creative forces assure strong skills and train audacious profiles, armed to become the sensitive actors of a moving world.


ENSAV LA CAMBRE – Brussels, Belgium

Founded in 1927 by the architect and decorator Henry van de Velde, the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre is one of the main school of art and design in Belgium. It counts about 700 students spread out in 17 departments or artistic options. Animation exists since 1958 in La Cambre. The training course focuses on techniques of traditional animation, drawings on paper, cut-out elements, animated objects, clay, puppets, pixilation, etc., implemented with contemporary technical means.


ESMA – Montpellier, Toulouse, France

ESMA’s professional cycle in 3D animation & digital special effects trains in three years creatives destined for occupying senior positions in the digital image world. The animated shorts carried out in third year confront the students with the problems and challenges of a production. All the steps are approached. Each year, its shorts are selected and awarded in the greatest national and international festivals.



The Institute of Animation was founded in 2002 as part of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. Since then it has evolved into one of the most renowned academic institutions for Animation, VFX and Interactive Media. Its student films continuously win awards on the festival circuit. The students’ diploma projects, in particular, are very successful, regularly winning prizes at the most prestigious festivals, including SIGGRAPH and the VES Awards. Moreover, the Institute organizes the prestigious FMX, International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia.



Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF ranks among the country’s largest and most modern film schools. With its unique educational concept that focuses on both craftsmanship and teamwork, its successful artistic productions, and its innovative research projects, the film university plays a decisive role in shaping the future of moving images.Moreover, the continuing education programs and events of Brandenburg’s only art school allow for the discussion of cultural, social, and political issues.


GOBELINS – Paris, France

Precursor in animation, Gobelins acquired an international reputation today and adapts itself unceasingly to the evolutions of the animation profession, which competences must be adaptable to any type of animation. The quality of the works completed by Gobelins’ students is often rewarded. Its animations shorts are selected each year in famous international festivals.


HKDI – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is engaged to provide an education of quality, to build the system of knowledge and training, to cultivate the talents of design for creative industries. The ministry for the Communication Design and Digital Media is a creative faculty, furnished with high-tech equipment, in order to provide a complete program to their students, in design of publicity, animation, cartoon, visual effects, creative supports, digital music, photography, and edition.


ICAN – Paris, France

The Institute of Creation and Digital Animation is a hot spot for teaching computer graphics, digital design and game design. It accompanies and outpaces information and technological and communication mutations. Selected students develop their creativity and curiosity, their knowledge and abilities, while acquiring work methods and mastering digital tools.


ISART DIGITAL – Paris, France

ISART DIGITAL, the school of video game and 3D/FX animation, present in Montreal, Paris and Niigata, offers a block release training. The school is famous for its original and innovative education. The student projects won more than 53 prizes (Unity Awards, Pixar Disney, Imagined Games Awards, Arte TV, SACD, TFOU…). The school proposes to its students an experience of entrepreneurship with certain projects that led to a commercialisation.



Jilin Animation Institute is the first school of professional animation in China. It is the only independent establishment to have a research base in the higher education. The school also has a database of the animation industry, distinguishing itself from the other schools. It ranks among the best schools in China for learning animation craft.


KAFA – Seoul, South Korea

In 1984, the Korean Film Council established Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) as the cradle for highly trained and creative professionals. To date, KAFA has produced more than 600 graduates who specialized in directing, cinematography, producing and animation, and the graduates now serve a central role in Korean cinema.


LISAA – Paris, France

The Institute of Applied Arts – LISAA – is a reference in the training courses for applied arts, recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. LISAA Paris’ School of Animation and Video Game proposes training courses in 2D and 3D animation, special effects and 2D/3D video game. With a high end equipment, the latest digital techniques and a teaching team composed of animation professionals, it ranks 2nd of the Parisian schools preferred by professionals.


MEDIA DESIGN SCHOOL – Auckland, New Zealand

Media Design School is New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary institute for digital and creative technology qualifications. The school is currently ranked amongst the top three schools in the world to provide VFX/Animation and Game Development qualifications by the Autodesk sponsored CG Student Awards, making it one of the best digital design tertiary providers globally. Our award-winning programme leaders and lecturers come from a diverse array of digital disciplines and bring their real-world industry experience to Media Design School.


MoDCA (ISCID) – Montauban, France

MoDCA master degree from ISCID (The Institute of Applied Arts – Color Image Design) is specialized in the exercise of creation and conception in animated images and 3D support. By its approach turned towards narrative, character and set design, sound and video, the exploratory and plastic practices, it develops approaches in creation-research and action research in the fields of animated design, animated film, cartoon, video, cinema and advertisement.


MOME – Budapest, Hungary

The Animation community of MOME is one of the defining creative workshops and intellectual centres of Hungarian animation. Talent management and content development set in an international network are of significant role, an important outcome is the creation and operation of incubator programs. Production activities are of key importance, in the framework of which animation project developments are commissioned by Hungarian and international partners, or realised in cooperation with them.


MOPA – Arles, France

Created in 1988 by Marie-Anne Fontenier in Valenciennes. Supinfocom opens a second school in 2000 in Arles on the site of old workshops SNCF. It is 3 hours of production 3D which leave the school each year, 80 films which are as many exercises for 195 students. To stimulate the creativity, to decompartmentalize competences by always new collaborations, to support collective work, remain the values which make the fame of the school of Arles.


NEW3DGE – Paris, France

New3DGE is a school specialized in the area of Video Game, 3D animation and VFX. Fortified by an experience and education developed directly with professionals at a national and international level, the school provides the latest equipment, assuring an education fitting to the market. The school professional network and placement of its alumni assure to the students an insertion in the working life.


NCCA – BU – Bournemouth, United Kingdom

BU is home to the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), recognised as the best place in the UK to study computer animation and visual effects. The NCCA has been at the forefront of computer graphics and animation education and research in the UK since 1989. In 2011, the Centre was presented with the Queen’s Anniversary Award for its contribution to world-leading excellence and pioneering development in the teaching of computer animation. The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes form part of the national honours system and are the most prestigious awards in UK education.


NFTS – Beaconsfield, United Kingdom

NFTS Animation is two year Master course that helps student direct the film that you have always wanted to make. The first year is packed full of inspiring workshops led by talented filmmakers and industry professionals. These include, improving your animation skills, writing better narratives and developing fresh approaches to design and techniques. In the second year, students direct a full production team to bring their vision to life using the film school’s state-of-the-art production facilities.


PÔLE 3D – Roubaix, France

POLE 3D offers a 5-year training program for the fields related to video games, 3D and 2D animation. POLE 3D has been operating for 13 years and is currently located on 2 sites: Euroteleport, and la Plaine Images, a site renowned for its excellence in the Hauts de France. POLE3 D’s main goal is to create a strong connection between companies and education. POLE 3D has created its own “factories”, or true “pre-incubators”, where students develop their projects in partnership with companies. Rounding out the training catalog, POLE 3D has also been offering a number of continuous training courses over the past three years.


RISD – Providence, United States

Founded in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design is one of the oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in the U.S. Each year approximately 2,300 students from around the world pursue a creative, studio-based education at RISD, which offers rigorous bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 19 architecture, design, fine arts and art education majors. The college is located in Providence, Rhode Island, which offers its own vibrant art scene and is conveniently located between two other major cultural centers: Boston and New York.


SAE MEXICO – Mexico City, Mexico

SAE Institute Mexico is a school that specializes in Creative Media. SAE Institute Mexico provides the skills required of students and young profesionnals to meet the industry needs and increase their chances to be hired and/or the growth in this area with entrepreneurial ventures.


SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA – Valenciennes, France

Created more than twenty years ago, with its pioneer spirit and its taste for innovation and creation. Supinfocom built a reputation in the universe of digital creation education. Its animated short films crossed the whole world and are screened in all the great international festivals. Today, the school benefits from the professional world recognition and trains each year tomorrow’s talent.



Since 2007, The Animation Workshop has been organized as a Centre for Animation and Visualization (CAV), providing knowledge and competency development for the Danish media industry through activities and development project in the 7 departments: The Animation Bachelor Department, Graphic Storytelling, Professional Training, Open Workshop, The Drawing Academy, Animated Learning Lab, and company cluster/incubation house Arsenalet. CAV has access to the newest animation related research and development through an extended international network of companies and professionals.


SVA – New-York City, USA

School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers and creative professionals for more than six decades. With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, dynamic curriculum and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility. Comprised of more than 6,000 students at its Manhattan campus and 35,000 alumni in 100 countries, SVA also represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world.