Panam Anim – 国际学生动画电影节

National Competition 2016 – Prize List

International Competition 2016 – Prize List

Motion Design Competition 2016 – Prize List


Short films and video games made in 48 hours during Panam Anim 2016 Animation Jam during Panam Anim 2016.

• BEST ANIMATION AWARD: Motel by the team BOX DU SWAGG from the school Gobelins.

Directed by Agathe LEROUX, Matthieu DAURES, Grégoire DE BERNOUIS, Louis HOLMES

Music by Léa MURAWIEC

• BEST VIDEO GAME: Un rêve sans fin (Endless Dream) by the team ACTIVE CORE from the school ISART DIGITAL.

The authors: Roméo SUSBIELLE, Rémi LEBLANC, David BIRGÉ-COTTE, Aurélien MONTERO

Description: A young figure skater is in a coma, imprisoned in a dream. Help her to wake up, collect memories and find the exit.

How to play: move around using your keyboard arrows, collect memories and put them down on a base using the left click of your mouse. New doors will open allowing to visite new areas.

Download to play (PC & Mac versions):