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    Quand le « bon » et le « mauvais » s’affrontent en duel, le croque-mort et son acolyte entendent voler les mouches. Students: Frédéric AZAIS, Théo DI MALTA, Benjamin LEYMONERIE, Adrien QUILLET


    Le son d’une trompette va changer le cours des choses pour le barbier Harry. Students: Harmony BOUCHARD, Raphaël CENZI, Andy LE COCQ, Joakim RIEDINGER

  • Oru Burus

    A small tyrannical king wages a war against the recalcitrant sun. Students: Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet, Raphaël Théolade

  • Bet She’an

    In the city of Bet She’an, where men transform into crows one by one, a stonemason decides to leave a trace of humanity. Students: Julien Soler, Bastien Létoile, Guillaume Raynaut, David Calvet, Gongjin Wang, Jérémy Charbonel

  • Monkey Symphony

    Two old friends, once separated by a severe piano teacher, bump into each other in a theater: one has become a musician, the other a cleaner. Students: Maxime Baudin, Mélanie Fumay, Julien Gauthier, Samuel Gonon

  • Sun of a Beach

    An ordinary day on the beach turns into a nightmare under a scorching heat. Students : Valentin Gasarian, Alexandre Rey, Arnaud Crillon, Jinjeng Lin

  • The Window

    In an hospital room, four injured soldiers. The blue, near the window, tells the outside to ease the pain of his comrades. Students: Stephane Barrere, Maxime Blondeel, Maria Fernanda Corcho, Nathan Leroi, Brice Proust, Amandine Rivière, Fabrice Tapare